Infant/ Child First Aid and CPR $80

This 90 minute class reviews First Aid for the most common injuries/ illnesses you will see. This class can cover allergies, asthma, seizures, head injuries, human bites, bumps, cuts, nose bleeds, etc, based on our consultation.


Diabetic First Aid $40

Do you have a friend or family member who is diabetic or is your child themselves diabetic? This class teaches recognition and first aid treatment for diabetics. This class teaches the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia in others and how to help a person suffering a diabetic emergency.


Seizure First Aid $40

Seizures can be very frightening to witness. This class will teach your child how to identify the different types of seizures and how to respond to each type.

Allergy First Aid $40

Allergic reactions be scary to witness. This class reviews signs and symptoms of allergic reactions as well as us of an Epi Pen, using a trainer Epi Pen.

Teddy Bear First Aid starting at $25

Is your child they type who always wants to help? Are they always trying to fix their teddy’s owies? This non-certification class takes place in various locations in and around the city and can also be facilitated in your home.

Your child will learn basic first aid skills that will teach them how to react and how to remain calm in an emergency. They will learn how to call 911, what information to give, scene safety, how to check for responsiveness and breathing, how to treat minor cuts and scrapes, how to identify and stabilize possible factures. While the basic skills of this class are the same for all ages older children will receive a more detailed learning experience. Each child will receive their own first aid kit, great for their backpack. Please note a consent form need to be signed by the legal guardian of each participant.


Infant Choking and CPR $40

This one-hour course gives new parents and caregivers the confidence to react in a medical emergency (ages birth – 12 months)

Child/ Adult Choking and CPR$40

This one-hour course gives parents and caregivers the confidences to react in a medical emergency (Ages 1-Adult)           

Infant & Child/ Adult Choking and CPR $60

This 90 minute class teaches parents and caregivers the confidence to react to choking or cardiac arrest.


A deposit equivalent to one person’s class fee is due at booking. This fee is non refundable but can be transferred with one weeks notice.

Groups of 10 or more save 25%

Don’t have a space to host your group? I can arrange a space, add $5 per person

Children are welcome to attend and participate in all classes! No baby sitter needed!

Serving the greater Calgary area. Outside of Calgary City limits milelage rate apply ($0.55 per km calculated from my home)